Naima Farah

Naima Farah
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Research Focus
Program Team
Abbreviated CV

Research Emphasis

Dr. Farah obtained her PhD in Economics in 2017 from University of Calgary. Her research interests are agriculture, energy, environment, water, development economics, and applied microeconomics and policy. She has published work on endangered species conservation and water quality, valuation and willingness to pay for improved drinking water. She has also been working on environmental and economic effects of unconventional oil and gas development. Dr. Farah is also a visiting researcher at the Elaine Hill Research Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center, where she has been working on power plants fuel use changes and its effects on housing market. During her time at the University of Calgary, Dr. Farah received Best Graduate Student Paper Award from United States Association of Energy Economics for her work on  unconventional energy production effects on agriculture.

Selected Publications

Farah N, Boyce JR (2019). Elephants and Mammoths: The Effect of an Imperfect Legal Substitute on Illegal Activity. Environment and Development Economics 00, 1–27.

Farah N, Torell GL (2019). Defensive Investment in Municipal Water Hardness Reduction (Forthcoming, Water Resources Research)

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