In 4-H, we want to provide an opportunity for members to showcase the awesome skills they have learned through the various projects they have been working hard on. We do this by giving 4-H members the chance to compete against others in contests to win the awards they deserve and worked so hard to earn. Below you will find the contests that are offered at the county, district, and state-levels for our 4-H members. Each contest and level may have different rules and guidelines, so be sure to carefully read through these.

Dallas County 4-H Contests

  • Agriculture Product Identification Contest
  • Consumer Decision Making
  • Educational Presentation
  • Entomology
  • Fashion Show
  • Fashion Storyboard
  • Food Challenge
  • Food Show
  • Photography
  • Record book
  • Share The Fun
  • Vet Science

District IV 4-H Contests:

Texas State 4-H Contests: Annually, Texas State 4-H has a State 4-H Roundup, where our 4-H members can compete with others in the state in about 50 contests. For most contests at the district level, you must first participate in the corresponding contest at the county level. However, some contests are invitational, meaning anyone can enter! The state has an event page for State 4-H Roundup,

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