4-H Recordbook

Texas 4-H Record Book Resources: https://texas4-h.tamu.edu/recordbooks/

Recordkeeping is a valuable skill taught to members of the Texas 4-H program. Members are encouraged to keep project records and have these records reviewed annually by submitting a Texas 4-H Record Book. The primary purposes of completing a Record Book are for a young person to develop the skills necessary to set goals, work toward achieving those goals, reflect on his/her experiences, and set new and higher goals for themselves. A secondary benefit is to prepare young people for the process of completing academic scholarship and/or collegiate admission applications.

4-H Record Book is a competitive event where 4-H members assemble their records into a specified document and submit those for evaluation against other 4-H members. However, one may choose to complete a record book just for the skill learned and not elect to submit for competition. A Dallas County 4-H member who submits a record book for competitive evaluation to advance will be awarded a pin at the county annual awards banquet.

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