October 4, 2018

AGLS Undergraduate Programs Council


October 4, 2018

126 Kleberg

3:30 p.m.

I. Approval of the Minutes

a. September 6, 2018

II. UPC Report, Bob Knight

III. UCC Report, Bob Knight

IV. Associate Dean for Academic Operations, Kim Dooley

a. ICD’s-Study Abroad

V. Associate Dean of Student Development, Chris Skaggs N/A

VI. Unfinished Business N/A

VII. Request for New Course        https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/

a. AGSM 477 : Environmental Regulations and Air Pollution Control

b. AGSC 302 : Teaching School-Based Agricultural Education & Clinical Professional Experience

c. ESSM 417 : Prescribed Fire

d. AGEC 117 : Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Agricultural Economics

e. ENTO 101 : Introduction to Academic Success in Entomology

f. FIVS 101 : Introduction to Academic Success in Forensic & Investigative Sciences

VIII. Request for Course Change   https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/

a. AGEC 217 : Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics Analysis

b. AGSM 310 : Agricultural Machinery Management

c. AGSM 335 : Water and Soil Management

d. AGSM 337 : Technology for Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering

e. AGSM 435 : Irrigation Principles and Management

f. ALED 342 : Learning Organizations (inactivation)

g. ALED 442 : Professional Communications in Agriculture and Life Sciences (inactivation)

h. ALED 424 : Applied Ethics in Leadership

i. ANSC 326 : Food Bacteriology

j. BAEN 464 : Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

k. BAEN 465 : Design of Biological Waste Treatment Systems

l. BAEN 422 : Unit Operations in Food Processing

m. BAEN 201: Analysis of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Problems

n. BAEN 469 : Water Quality Engineering

o. BESC 367 : U.S. Environmental Regulations

p. ENTO 306 : Insect Physiology

q. ENTO 424 : Insect Ecology

r. ENTO 428 : Insect Biotechnology

s. MEPS 313 : Introduction to Plant Physiology

t. FINC 462 : Commercial Bank Management

IX. Request for New Minor or Change in Minor    https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/ N/A

X. Request for New Program https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/programadmin/

a. BS-WFSC-TEO : Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences – BS, Wildlife and Fisheries Teaching Track

XI. Request for Program Change in Course or Minor https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/courseadmin/ N/A

XII. Change in Program/Certificates     https://nextcatalog.tamu.edu/programadmin/

a. BS-AGCJ : Agricultural Communications and Journalism – BS

b. BS-ENST : Environmental Studies – BS

c. BS-FSIM : Food Systems Industry Management – BS

d. BS-FSTC-FSO+ : Food Science and Technology – BS, Food Science Option

e. BS-FSTC-INO+ : Food Science and Technology – BS, Food Industry Option

f. BS-NUTR-DPD : Nutrition – BS, Didactic Program in Dietetics Track

g. BS-NUTR-GNO : Nutrition – BS, General Nutrition Track

h. BS-NUTR-NSO : Nutrition – BS, Molecular and Experimental Track

I. BS-USAL-ENB* : University Studies – BS, Environmental Business Concentration

j. BS-USAL-LED* : University Studies – BS, Leadership Studies Concentration

k. BS-WFSC-FAS : Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences – BS, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences Track

l. BS-WFSC-VZY+ : Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences – BS, Vertebrate Zoology Option

m. BS-WFSC-WEC+ : Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences – BS, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Option

n. MINOR-BESC : Bioenvironmental Sciences – Minor

o. BS-RENR : Renewable Natural Resources – BS

p. BS-ANSC-ANS : Animal Science – BS, Science Option

q. BS-ANSC-PIN+ : Animal Science – BS, Production/Industry Option

r. MINOR-LDAG : Leadership – Minor

s. MINOR-AGSM : Agricultural Systems Management – Minor

t. BS-BAEN : Biological and Agricultural Engineering – BS

XIII. New Business N/A

XIV. Old Business N/A

UPC Dates for 2018-19 Academic Year (Thursday before the first Friday)

All meetings will take place at 3:30 p.m. in 126 Kleberg unless otherwise noted.

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