Graduate Program Council

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month
1:30 pm
501 AGLS Agriculture Life Sciences Building

Agenda items are due to Dawn Kerstetter ( the Friday the week before the meeting.  All course agenda items are entered into the Course Inventory Management Curricular Approval Request System (CARS).

The Graduate Program Council (GPC) functions as the graduate instruction committee for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  The GPC must approve the following:

  • Graduate Faculty nominations for non-tenure track faculty
  • New course requests
  • Course change requests
  • New degree programs and degree program changes.
  • Department and course name changes
  • Any change in policy that appears in the Graduate Catalog
  • Is advisory to the Dean on academic issues related to graduate education

Forms and Procedures

Online submissions are available from Office of the Registrar and Curricular Services at:

Curricular Approval Request System (CARS)

a. (New course and Change in course request)

b. (New program proposal and Change in program /certificate)

c. (W&C and ICD)

Office of the Registrar and Curricular Services importation information

UCC / GC Course Submission Checklist

CIP CODES information

Office of Graduate Studies:

AGLS College Graduate Faculty Policy

Graduate Faculty Nomination letter insert–must include this information (copy and paste the text to the letter)

Graduate Committee Faculty Matrix Rights and Qualifications

Graduate Program Council Meeting Notes:

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