The Texas 4-H Ambassador Program aims to project a clear and accurate image of the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program. The ambassador program has several specific goals:

*To tell and show key audiences what the 4-H Youth Development Program is and who it impacts, so that these audiences will understand the impact of 4-H on the lives of young people and will see how it addresses key youth issues in the community and state.

*To develop leadership and communication skills among the 4-H’ers selected to make ambassador presentations.

*To inform elected officials about the 4-H program and get them involved.

*To tell current and potential donors about 4-H and give them opportunities to support the program efforts that interest them.

*To change or improve the 4-H image among selected audiences.

2017-18  Senior 4-H Ambassadors (grade 9-12)

Aaron Bradicich

Audrey Garrett

Lauren Garrett

Daniel Gonzales

Mallory Hewitt

Logan Johnson

Tyler Johnson

Dana Malik 

Hailey Marbach

Morgan Meyer

Braden Parsons

2017-18  Junior 4-H Ambassadors (grade 6-8)

Reilly Amsler

Renee Bradicich

Trapper Feuerbacher

Karley John

Katelyn John

Kade Kubecka

Carter Nelson

Maddie Nunez

Carlie Parsons

Jacy Roessler


Senior Ambassador membership is restricted to grades 9-12 in high school who have had at least 3 years of 4-H experience. Junior Ambassador membership is restricted to grades 6-8. Applications must be submitted annually in May and selections are made through an interview process on the basis of their past 4-H experiences by a panel of judges selected by the Extension Staff.

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