Join a 4-H Club!

How to Join a 4-H Club

Any youth may become a member of 4-H when he or she has reached 9 years of age, or 8 years of age and has entered the third grade. There is a program called Clover Kids that younger youth can participate in that allows them to experience 4-H through non-competitive, small project activities.

The first step in joining a 4-H Club is to review the Community and Project Club list and see if there is a Club that stands out to you. There might be a club that meets in your neighborhood or one that some of your friends belong to. There are no restrictions to which club you can join.

Once you have decided on a club, you will need to contact the Club Manager to find out when and where the next meeting will be held. Clubs usually meet monthly from September to May.

The last step in joining a 4-H Club is to enroll online. This is a very important step because it gives us information about you! Not only do we use this information to send you newsletters and other important information, but we also need it to verify age requirements and your involvement in the program. Below is the link to enroll:

4-H Connect Registration Website

Instructions to Enroll

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