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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is a unique education agency with a statewide network of professional educators, trained volunteers, and county offices. It reaches into every Texas county to address local priority needs. Some of our major efforts are in mitigating drought impacts; conserving water use in homes, landscapes, and production agriculture; improving emergency management; enhancing food security; and protecting human health through education about diet, exercise, and disease prevention and management.

Collaborative programs enable extension educators and their partners to extend resources and prevent duplication of services. In total, extension personnel and extension-trained volunteers achieved nearly 23 million direct teaching contacts, including distance education via the Web.

Within AgriLife’s Extension Service comes the Disaster Assessment and Recovery (DAR) network. Helping Texas communities prepare for disasters since the wake of Hurricane Harvey, providing expert support in disaster recovery. As well as assistance for individuals, families, businesses, and agricultural producers in disaster response and recovery enhances a rural community’s return to a healthy state and ensure Texas’ future resiliency.

Supported by Texas Community Watershed Partners (TCWP). An AgriLife Extension program that provides knowledge and tools to local governments and citizens about the impacts of land use on watershed health and water quality. With engaging resources of Texas A&M University, and other universities in Texas and across the country, they place the tools of sustainability and resilience into the hands of Texas citizens.


Quick Facts About Texas A&M AgriLife:

  • Established in 1915.
  • Almost 23 million direct teaching contacts since FY 2015.
  • 96,794 volunteers supporting extension programs.
  • 250 counties with an Extension office.
  • FY 2020 operating budget: 164 million including county funds.


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