How to Join 4-H

Step 1:   Locate a 4-H Club near you and contact the club manager.

Come on and join 4-H! It’s fun! If you’re in kindergarten, first grade, or second grade, you can be in Clover Kids. From third grade to age 19, you can be in 4-H!    Club meeting locations & times are noted.  Choose which would be more convenient for your family and contact the manager to confirm their next meeting date. 4-H Club Listing

Step 2:   Attend a meeting to see if it’s right for you.

Step 3:   Enroll on 4-H Online.

Once you find your club, you will then need to Enroll via 4-H Online.
4-H Online was introduced in 2005 and was uniquely designed to allow 4-H members and adults to register on-line while maintaining contact with the county, district, and state offices through the certification process.  As the Texas 4-H & Youth Development Program continues to develop this broad based 4-H management system, we ask for your support and your positive feedback for how the program can provide your county the management needs, for the ultimate benefit of the youth of Texas.

Step 4:   If you have questions regarding anything 4-H, please contact the Extension Office at (281) 342-3034.

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