D-3 Fee Based Programs

Fee Based Programs

Scenario 1, Option A

  1. Obtain committee check for cost recovery amount due to agency
  2. Provide the committee the white copy of the receipt for check
  3. Endorse the committee check “For Deposit Only- Extension Account 210410
  4. Complete form AG-231 page 1 and 2 and request cost recovery fee from the sponsoring committee
  5. Mail complete packet to AgriLife Cash Management Office. The complete packet includes:
    • AG-231 page 1 and 2 (Event Report with Deposit Form)
    • The committee check
    • The pink copy of the receipt.
  6. Submit the Partial Cost Recovery Report form below which lets our office know what you are sending in to AgriLife Cash Management

These steps should be done as events are completed.


D3 Fee Based Programming

Please complete the form below and submit:
  • *Select the date that you are submitting your forms and check to Cash Management.
  • *Enter the name of the event exactly as you reported it to Cash Management on AG-231
  • Type the name of the lead agent sending in the deposit
  • (Example: 4/12/11 or 4/12/11 - 4/13/11)
  • *Please type the amount charged to each registrant.
  • Type the amount being sent to Cash Management for Fee Based Programming ($10 per registrant or 10%, whichever is greater)
    If yes, please fill out the section below.
  • Name of Agent InvolvedCountyParticipant 
    Add a new row
    Be sure the number of participants equal the number listed of registrants from above.
    If yes, please fill out the section below.
  • Name of Agent InvolvedCounty 
    Add a new row



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