Community Clubs

Get involved in one of our Community 4-H Clubs!

A community 4-H club is an organized group based upon proximity of the participants. The club has elected officers and project and/or activity leaders as required. The community 4-H club holds regular monthly meetings during the months of August through May.

2016-2017 Community 4-H Clubs

Aloe 4-H Club
2nd Sunday, 6:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, 2nd Floor
Club Manager: Shelly Marbach, 361-935-3247

Bloomington 4-H Club
1st Sunday, 3:00 pm at Bloomington Volunteer Fire Dept.
Club Manager: Trey Alex, 361-655-8084

High Bidders 4-H Club
1st Sunday, 5:00pm at Coletoville Lutheran Church
Club Manager: Jill Cooley, 361-550-3866

Inez 4-H Club
3rd Sunday, 4:00pm at Inez Baptist Church
Club Manager: Crystal Cantu, 361-579-8973

Kelly Creek 4-H Club
4th Sunday, 6:30pm at 4-H Activity Center
Club Manager: Mike Wuensche, 361-550-1151

Mission Valley 4-H Club
1st Thursday, 7:00 pm at Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Dept.
Club Manager: JJ Janssen, 361-550-5941

Nursery 4-H Club
1st Tuesday, 7:00pm at KB’s BBQ on Hwy. 87 North
Club Manager: Pam Malik, 361-648-9691

Southern Country 4-H Club
2nd Sunday, 5:00 pm at 4-H Activity Center
Club Manager: Charlotte Bethke, 361-550-9892

Westwood 4-H Club
2nd Sunday, 5:00 pm, Zion Lutheran Church (Mission Valley)
Club Manager: Kirby Garrett, 361-550-5438

Wood-Hi 4-H Club
2nd Sunday, 5:00pm at Wood-Hi Community Center
Club Manager: Pam Dornak, 361-935-4655

Call the Club Manager of any clubs you may be interested in to learn more about that particular club!

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