IPM Field Scouting Announcement, Terry-Yoakum IPM Program

We are beginning to sign up acres for the 2014 Integrated Pest Management field scouting program. The total enrolled acreage will be limited, therefore sign-up is on a first come, first served basis. The funds paid into the scouting program will go toward paying the scouts wages and mileage. I will hire field scouts (the number depends on acreage/need) that will be sent to an extensive scout training school and will be continually monitored and trained by me, throughout the season. Having a crop advisor/field scout may be thought of as “cheap insurance” for your production risks. While Bt technology protects cotton from various caterpillar pests, it does not impact other pests like thrips, cotton fleahopper, and Lygus bug. Consider that one unnecessary spray application or one infestation that goes unnoticed could pay for the price of scouting. What would be the value of an additional set of eyes in the field and an objective reporting of the pest pressure?

A scouting report will be prepared for each field as it is scouted. The report will contain information on specific pest numbers, beneficial insect numbers, growth stage of the crop and economic thresholds. A copy will be provided to the producer and I will discuss pest management options with each producer as needed. I will assist producers with irrigation and harvest aid decisions. A newsletter is mailed out approximately bi-weekly during the growing season. The newsletter contains timely information on insect, disease, weed activity and current research being conducted on specific problems.

This season we will scout cotton, peanuts, grain sorghum, watermelons, sunflowers, wheat and grapes as needed. Each crop will be scouted for insects and diseases as well as crop development.

This program’s primary goal is an educational effort designed to help you make informed pest management and agronomic decisions. All recommendations are based on unbiased research conducted by Texas A&M University, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Texas AgriLife Research.

In peanut we will scout for insects and diseases. We will scout once per week until insect or disease pressure dictate more often is required. With our shortened time between rotations insect and disease problems are becoming more abundant, therefore it is essential to monitor peanuts closely throughout the growing season to maximize profitability.

 If you already utilize a private consultant, this program may not be for you. If you need more information please do not hesitate to call the office 806.637.8792 or my cell phone 806.893.1041.

To enroll, please complete and return the enclosed form by May 15, 2014. This will greatly assist us in determining how many field scouts will be needed this summer.

Scouting fees were recently set by the Terry-Yoakum Integrated Pest Management Steering Committee as follows:

CROP Irrigated Price Dryland Price
Cotton $9.00 /acre $5.00 / acre
Peanut $10.00 / acre  
Grain Sorghum $7.00 / acre $5.00 / acre
Sunflower $7.00 / acre $7.00 / acre
Watermelon $13.00 / acre  
Grapes $30.00 / acre *  
Wheat $6.00 / acre  

* Grapes minimum $250.00 per grape variety in the vineyard.

To enroll your field(s) follow this link to the form: ScoutingSignupForm

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