Success Stories

What Tarrant County says about EFNEP

From clients:
“I have learned new recipes and ways to prepare foods low in fat and easy to make for me and my family.”

“I learned to buy food based on the labels and to eat healthier by eating less portions of sugar, fat and salt and more vegetables, fruits and grains.”

“I am drinking more water; I drink water instead of soda – no more soda!.”

“I learned how to cook very good food for little cost.”

“My mom doesn’t read English, so I show her what to buy and we fix the recipes that we did at school. Now my family makes good choices to be more healthy.”

From school officials, teachers, and cooperating agencies:
“Our students and teachers receive a great deal of support in their health instruction from the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. The information is a great addition to our health program. Knowledge is powerful and our students need as much current information on nutrition and health as they can get.” – G. Roberts

“You really inspired me . . . I realized the nutrition information brought to my students wasn’t any different from what I already knew, but wasn’t putting into practice. I needed to set a better example and now I do -and have lost 16 pounds to prove it.” – M. Nikl

“Thanks so much for sharing wonderful lifetime information with our students . . . your classroom presentations really do make a difference.” – M. Russell

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