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Hessian Fly and Their Impact on the 2023 Wheat Crop

D. Tyler Mays Extension Agent-IPM, Hill and McLennan Counties Email: tyler.mays@ag.tamu.edu David Drake, Extension Agent-IPM, District 4 – Commerce, TX Email: drdrake@ag.tamu.edu   I have received numerous questions and concerns over the last couple of weeks about Hessian fly in wheat, and after their impact on the 2022 crop producer concerns are fully justifiable (Figure 1). It is not news that Hessian fly are once again present across the Texas Blacklands but compared to the 2022 wheat crop their severity is not as bad. There are a couple… Read More →

A Checklist for the 2019-2020 Texas Wheat Crop

  Submitted by Dr. Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, Lubbock, 806-746-6101, ctrostle@ag.tamu.edu; December 4, 2019   Essentially all the Texas wheat crop is in the ground. This includes wheat for grazing or grain (or both). Abnormally dry and moderate drought conditions exist across much of central Texas, but fortunately most of the High Plains wheat production region has seen dry conditions alleviate since the end of September. I still have a little wheat left to drill. There are still a few scattered acres likely in the High Plains that… Read More →