South, East, and Central Texas RACE and Monster Trial Results

by Gaylon Morgan, Josh McGinty, and Dale Mott

The 2017 Cotton Variety Results for the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Coastal Bend, Upper Gulf Coast, Winter Garden and Blacklands are available at or going directly to Cotton Variety Testing.  This booklet includes 15 large-plot on-farm trials and 3 Monster Trials.  The location specifics for each trial location is listed in Table 1, including the cooperator, planting and harvest dates, and other agronomic considerations.

We recommend growers gather as much information as possible from this RACE booklet and other sources on cotton variety performance and yield stability across locations and years, before selecting their varieties.  Variety selection does impact management decisions all growing season and can have a big impact on the net economic returns due to yield and fiber quality differences.

Also, we want to extend our sincere appreciation to all the cooperators for these trials.


Dr. Gaylon Morgan

Dr. Gaylon Morgan
State Extension Cotton Specialist
College Station, TX

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