Seed Testing Laboratory Service Providers for Texas Agriculture

by Dr. Calvin Trostle, Extension Agronomy, Lubbock, 806-746-6101,

Many Texas producers are interested in having planting seed tested for various crops. This is particularly important for wheat and other small grains seed, which farmers may save for their own planting use (unless they have a variety that requires a signed agreement stating you are not permitted to do so).

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension recently updated our annual document outlining seed testing certification standards as well as possible seed labs for your testing needs. Historically, many Texas producers turned to Texas Department of Agriculture, which had three public seed labs. Since 2011, however, TDA has limited seed testing services available only at their Giddings lab.

This updated document (same title as above) is now posted on the main page at Contact information is provided for the following seed labs:

• Texas Department of Agriculture (again, limited services)
• Public seed testing labs from all four surrounding states
• Private labs that regularly service seed samples originating in Texas. These four listed labs are provided courtesy of Texas Seed Trade Association, with whom Texas A&M AgriLife has enjoyed a long partnership in assisting producers with seed and other agribusiness issues in Texas. TSTA shares these suggested labs as their membership uses these labs for much of their seed testing needs.

Texas A&M AgriLife does not endorse or recommend nor do we imply any criticism of any lab not listed, and we do assume no responsibility for seed testing lab choices or laboratory results.


Calvin Trostle Professor and Extension Specialist Lubbock, TX 803.746.6101

Calvin Trostle
Professor and Extension Specialist
Lubbock, TX

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