ChuckChuck Blend, PhD.                                        Corpus Christi, Texas 

Dr. Blend’s primary interest is in deep sea parasitology. Specifically, the taxonomy, morphology, evolution, ecology and zoogeography of helminths infecting a wide variety of deep water organisms in general, and parasitizing fish in particular. However, his publication history also includes a variety of freshwater and terrestrial non-fish projects. He currently works on many collaborative deep sea projects around the world.


DrCraigPhotoFromBiographyThomas M. Craig, DVM, PhD, DACVM. Texas A&M University

Dr. Craig specializes in transmission patterns and disease control of eukaryotic and prokaryotic endoparasites in grazing animals. He has also worked on the diagnosis and treatment of arthropod-borne diseases as well as the evaluation of antihelminthic drugs in both laboratory and field conditions. He is director of the Clinical Parasitology Laboratory, which services the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory and TAMU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


IMG_1545Yasser Farhat Mahmoud Karar, MS Student.                                                         South Valley University, Qena, Egypt

Mr. Karar is a current Master’s Student at South Valley University in their Zoology Department. He is specifically interested in parasites of coral reef fishes, but is broadly trained in parasite immunology, biochemistry, genetics and taxonomy. Click here to view his CV.



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