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Recruiting WFSC Undergrads for 2017 Field Work!

New lab publications!

Howdy folks, Two of our manuscripts on bird lung flukes were recently published in the Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery and Zootaxa! The first is a collaborative effort between our lab and the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, to reduce the presence of lung flukes in their avian colony via screening birds and removing snail hosts from the aviary. The second, coauthored with former student Dr. Chuck Blend, is an overhaul to the bird lung fluke family Cyclocoelidae and will hopefully serve as a guide to parasitologists… Read More →

New publication alert!

Howdy folks, We are very excited to announce that our co-authored manuscript on new grenadier/rattail fish parasites with former student, Dr. Chuck Blend, was just published in the most recent issue of Comparative Parasitology! This manuscript includes a key to all known Allopodocotyle species, including the newly described Allopodocotyle enkaimushi (shown in Figures 1-3 to the left). Other collaborative research projects with Dr. Blend have included other species of deep sea fish, some birds and turtles. Blend, C. K., T. Kuramochi and N. O. Dronen. 2015. Allopodocotyle enkaimushi n. sp. (Digenea:… Read More →

New publication alert!

Howdy folks, Our co-authored publication on new cusk eel parasites with former student, Dr. Chuck Blend, was just published in the most recent issue of Acta Parasitologica! Dr. Blend worked in my laboratory as a MS student and post-doc on various research projects involving deep sea fish and birds. Blend, C. K., and N. O. Dronen. 2015. Description of a new species of Podocotyle Dujardin, 1845 (Digenea: Opecoelidae: Plagioporinae) from the cusk-eel, Luciobrotula corethromycter Cohen, 1964 (Ophidiiformes: Ophidiidae), from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Acta Parasitologica… Read More →

NSF Submission!

We successfully submitted a large NSF grant proposal this morning. If funded, it will contribute to multiple graduate student projects for many years. We are very excited about this opportunity and hope NSF returns good news! 🙂

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