Veterinary Science

jpgCaduceus2smallThe 4-H Veterinary Science Project is a 5-year curriculum-based project with 100 lessons and 50 activities that gives youth interested in veterinary medicine opportunities to work in the field. The project is career-oriented and job-training so students can determine if this is a field they would like to pursue. Students who participate in this project will work with licensed veterinarians at their practice. By doing this hands-on training they learn the knowledge and skills that are expected of a veterinary assistant. This will also be valuable on a resume and will help them to prepare for a professional program degree from an accredited university. This project has a set of curriculum that allows youth and adults to work together to achieve success. It also allows for youth to develop an interest in veterinary medicine, human medicine and other allied health fields.
For detailed information on the project, visit:

It’s encouraged that youth be at least 12 years old and in seventh grade to participate in the project. We encourage that 10-12 year old youth participate in a curriculum available via the internet ( to maintain their interest until they are ready for the 5-year curriculum.

Membership is monitored due to curriculum; if your son/daughter is interested in participating in the Veterinary Science Project, contact Amber Leung at the Extension Office at 281-342-3034, ext. 7028.

For more information on the Texas 4-H Vet Science Program:

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