Symposium 2: Impacts of North American Economic Integration on U.S. Agricultural Products


Parr Rosson
Flynn Adcock
(979) 845-3070
Texas A&M Agrilife
Dept. of Agricultural Economics
2124 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2124

TITLE: Impacts of North American Economic Integration on U.S. Agricultural Products

ABSTRACT: The purpose of this symposium was to examine the impacts and implications of the growing integration of the North American agricultural complex and the role that the North American Free Trade Agreement has played. Evolving supply chains in beef, pork, live animals, rice, and sorghum will be discussed, focusing on growing integration and the impacts of disruptions to trade. The role of foreign direct investment among the United States, Canada, and Mexico will be considered. Applied research and extension education issues will be presented and discussed.

Albert Allen, MississippiStateUniversity


Parr Rosson and Flynn Adcock, Texas A&MUniversity
The Integration of the North American Meat Supply Chain

Eric Wailes, University of Arkansas
U.S. Rice Trade with Mexico: Integrated Supply Chain or Just Exports?

Jaime Malaga, TexasTech University
The Growing Importance of U.S. Sorghum to the Mexican Animal Feeding Industry

Mike Reed, University of Kentucky
The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in North American Agricultural Integration


Stanley Fletcher, University of Georgia

Allen will introduce the topic and moderate the symposium. Each of four speakers will be given 15 minutes present their topic.   Fletcher will respond to the presentations and set the stage for and interactive discussion, which should last at least 30 minutes.  Participation from attendees will be invited and encouraged.

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