Weather Forecast

In the latest edition of Southern Livestock Standard, Brian Bledsoe shares his thoughts and predictions on what our forecast looks like heading into winter.  As you know, we are in an EL Nino pattern which typically brings warmer temperatures and wetter weather.  I think we can all agree on the warmer temperatures, but what happened to the “wetter weather”?

Here’s a quick forecast breakdown…

October – We will likely remain near normal conditions for the Hill Country temperature wise.  The rainfall forecast models don’t look especially good for our area although it doesn’t show us being drier than normal.

November – Here comes the rain, we hope!  According to the models, November looks to be normal to warmer than normal temperatures and wetter than normal.

December – Don’t break out those sweaters just yet!  The models show our area of Texas much warmer than normal with rainfall likely.

In closing, Bledsoe says El Nino will remain with us through the fall and winter, before weakening this spring.  “Post El Nino dryness is something I remain concerned about in the late spring and summer of 2016”.

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