Weed of the Week:   Bullnettle


Texas Bullnettle (Cnidoscolus texanus)


Usually 1.5 to 3 feet tall with multiple stems. If any part of the stem is broken, a milky sap appears.

Texas Bullnettle

The leaves are dark green and located alternately along the stems. Leaves are 2 to 4 inches long with stinging hairs.

Texas Bullnettle leaves

Texas Bullnettle leaves

The flowers, which appear from April through September, consist of 5 to 7 white, petallike sepals.

Texas Bullnettle Flower

Texas Bullnettle Flower

Bullnettle is a very common plant found in all soil types. It is most common on sandy soils and disturbed areas. Bullnettle thrives in hot weather.

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REMEMBER: THE LABEL IS THE LAW!  Always read the pesticide label before using.

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