Texas A&M Forest Service

About the Texas A&M Forest Service

Fire responder dig a trench

Wildland firefighters digging a fireline

Fulfilling the service component of a land-grant university system, Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) was created in 1915 by the 34th Texas Legislature and is a proud member of The Texas A&M University System.

Each state in the nation has a state forestry agency, but Texas was the first to establish its state forestry agency as part of a land-grant college. Four other states have since done the same — Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and North Dakota.

Of the state agency’s key functions, TFS is driven by:

  • A Call to Serve – providing technical assistance, program delivery and readily-available, easily-accessible, science-based information
  • A Duty to Protect – providing protection against wildland fires and other all-hazard emergencies
  • The Commitment to Support – promoting statewide forestry-based economic development
  • The Power of Partnership – building the capacity of local responders and engaging in cooperative working relationships

TFS is recognized as the leader in defining forestry for the future of Texas and the nation. Applied programs include forest and tree development; wildfire prevention, mitigation, and protection; urban and community forestry; and a host of innovative forest sustainability programs. TFS works to ensure the state’s forests, trees, and related natural resources are conserved and continue to provide a sustainable flow of environmental and economic benefits.

TFS is the incident management agency for state disasters, including wildfires, floods, and hurricanes. TFS delivers wildfire response and protection through the Texas Wildfire Protection Plan (TWPP). Launched as a pilot program more than a decade ago, it is now a national model for state wildfire protection. TWPP is a tested and proven emergency response model emphasizing ongoing analysis, mitigation, prevention, and preparation followed by a coordinated and rapid response. With legislative support, TFS is working to expand the plan, increasing the number of personnel and emergency response resources throughout the state.

  • Established: 1915
  • Number of Texas counties served: 254
  • Number of Locations: 65 locations (25 work stations and 40 offices)
  • FY 2017 operating budget: $81.9 million