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Prescribed Fire Checklist and Wildfire Ready Checklist

Current drought conditions coupled with hot and windy days is a recipe for all things fire. Be ready on your place for a wildfire or put that wildfire to use with a burn plan and burnout operations! Here are two checklists that will help you prepare you for wildfires and/or assist you in executing a prescribed fire or burnout operations on your property! To find the full factsheet, click the image above or follow the link below.     To find the full factsheet, click the image… Read More →

ERM-1466 “Chemical Weed and Brush Control Reference Guide for Rangeland”

The ERM-1466 “Chemical Weed and Brush Control Reference Guide for Rangeland” is a great source for land managers and stewards alike with general suggestions for herbicides used to control various brush and weed species found on Texas rangelands. In addition to this, this publication provides information on the levels of control expected for each specie. Follow the link below to download the publication! ERM-1466

Brush Busters Course Available

This course is designed for the land owner and managers in mind. By going through and completing this course, participants will become familiar with managing invasive and encroaching brush species with the Individual Plant Treatment (IPT) herbicide application method. This course provides guidance in managing species such as Mesquite, Prickly Pear, Redberry and Blueberry Juniper, and more. How to obtain and maintain a TDA herbicide applicator’s license, how to correctly mix herbicides, cleaning equipment and proper disposal of containers after spraying, how to select the correct application method,… Read More →

New Publication Available Now!

The Prescribed Fire Communications Kit provides resources to aid in discussion and facilitate interactions between those who conduct prescribed fires and the local community. This toolkit was designed for the landowner, county agent, or local government in mind. The goals of this free resource is to provide stewards of the land with the information to educate others and advocate for the safety and benefits of prescribed burning. This publication can be downloaded from the link below or on the AgriLife Learn website, just search for Prescribed Burning Communication… Read More →