Brush Busters Course Available

This course is designed for the land owner and managers in mind. By going through and completing this course, participants will become familiar with managing invasive and encroaching brush species with the Individual Plant Treatment (IPT) herbicide application method. This course provides guidance in managing species such as Mesquite, Prickly Pear, Redberry and Blueberry Juniper, and more. How to obtain and maintain a TDA herbicide applicator’s license, how to correctly mix herbicides, cleaning equipment and proper disposal of containers after spraying, how to select the correct application method, and others are the man objectives of this course.

Along with these learning objectives, this course offers 3 CEU credits. 1 General Pesticide Factors, 1 General Equipment Characteristics, and 1 Laws and Regulations. In order to obtain these CEU credits, the participant must complete all modules, take a test to gauge knowledge gained, and fill out a course satisfaction survey.

To learn more, or to enroll in this course, go to AgriLife Learn and search for “Brush Busters” or follow the link:

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