Texas Section Society for Range Management Youth Range Workshop

From June 26th – July 1st, I had the privilege of meeting some pretty cool kids.  Not just any kids…RANGE KIDS!  At Range Camp, 25 youth from 8th-12th grade learned about prescribed burning, stocking rates, grazing management, brush control, public speaking, and most importantly, STEWARDSHIP.  This fine group of kids blew me away with the yes ma’ams, no ma’ams, and a special creativity and magic that only kids possess.  Range Camp is always hectic, always moving, and with very little sleep so it’s not something I get super excited for, but this year’s kids went above and beyond to make it a memorable experience for the directors, TSSRM leaders, and for one another. I am pleased to announce that even though our society and this generation is driven by technology, social media, name-brands, and a urbanized way of life, for one week at Range  Camp, the world paused and we remembered that our job is to be stewards.  Stewards of the land and stewards for the youth.

Virgil Epperson and Franklin Buchholz…you two were my favorites.  Remember what you learned.  And definitely remember how to carry a drip torch.


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