More than just wildfire

Today, as the grass grows, the days get warmer, and we begin summer my mind drifts to what is to come.  I promise I am not a negative or pessimistic person. However, I do believe that we as land stewards, managers
of all things range, we have an obligation to be proactive in what is sure to be an impressive fire year.  Three years ago on June 28th, the Yarnell Hill Fire wreaked havoc and heartache on the west side of highway 89 in Arizona.  Fast-forward to June 8th, 2016 the Tenderfoot Fire burned over 4,000 acres on the east side of the Yarnell Hill Fire scar on the opposite side of highway 89 forcing another evacuation of Yarnell, Arizona.  As Texans, you are probably wondering what the hell does this have to do with us.  Easy…it could happen to us.  Impressive spring precipitation was a blessing, but fast-forward a couple of weeks and our outlook will change tremendously.

As we ramp up for summer prescribed burns and wildfires.  Please, take the time to read “Honor the Fallen – The Big Lie” by Mark Smith.  Whether you belong to an agency, burn association, or you just like to carry a torch, please take a moment to honor and learn from those making the same high-risk decisions you make everyday.

On another note, Dad (in the feature picture) has decided to keep fighting the good fight this summer and is on a Type 2 IMT in Idaho, Jake, my brother, helps out when needed for Type 2 crews and engines in Arizona.

These are the men that I honor.  They are apart of our fire community…even in Texas.


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