Dormant Season Burns Paired with Abundant Spring Rainfall – Did you Do that?

If you were one of the lucky landowners that burned during early/late winter, I am sure you are pleasantly pleased with the post-fire results you are seeing from these spring/early summer rains! The opportunities that fire reveals are not only inspiring, but make for gorgeous and productive rangelands! Hats off to you landowners that light the match out of faith and reap the blessings and bounty soon after!01b5ccef040adeb235a2c902f8f9e9b834c4b3f8e5 01cdebb89768087e1dfa187df49e6f0a778ee9e76e 01fee7e543eac40f34a2654e497449c433b0827477 016eda4e5cc20112f561dcc1163235fbff6508faba 0105a2e1b4f36ec2abd022fcd8b4b320d86f8567b7

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