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Texas Section Society for Range Management YOUTH RANGE WORKSHOP

Our Texas Section Society for Range Management 62nd Youth Range Workshop will be June 26 – July 1, 2016 at the Texas Tech University Campus in Junction, TX.  This is a very exciting opportunity for our Texas youth (14-18 years old, completed 8th grade, but have not graduated high school)! At the workshop, participants will gain knowledge and skills in ecology, range inventory, range management, and evaluation of resources.  More importantly, we teach public speaking, advocacy, and leadership skills so that each student is equipped with the knowledge… Read More →

Who Started That Fire — Embracing a Fire Culture in 2016

Fire is fire.  That said, I can tell you fire is the answer, but the problem is in the questions.  Is it a wildfire or prescribed burn?  The biggest question for range managers, is how does fire (planned or unplanned) fit into your ranch plan?  Fire is a naturally occurring process that is not centered on if, but when it will happen on rangeland.  As rangeland managers we have the choice as to the type of fire that occurs in our pastures.  Waiting for a wildfire is neither… Read More →