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Financial Literacy Success Story

Dear Texas AgriLife Extension Service,
We’re building a new home!

Thanks to the Tarrant County Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Marian Ross for offering the “People’s Choice” financial literacy program last March/April, I had the opportunity to learn how best to get my finances in order to meet my long-term goals and to accomplish my short-term goals even faster than I had orginally planned.

I was married in February of this year, so the “People’s Choice” series came just in time for me when it started up the next month. Since statistics show that financial problems often lead to the demise of marriages, my husband and I decided early on that we would make communicating about our finances a priority in our marriage. Through this program and the tools/tips I received from Ms. Ross, we were able to get organized and establish solid savings/spending plans and goals that would help us to merge our finances and start building our new life together on a solid financial foundation.

One of our first goals after developing solid budget and savings plans was to purchase a new home. When we first got married, we weren’t so sure we would be able to buy a new place for a couple of years so we could have time to build our savings and credit enough to qualify for what we wanted. Well, we took the lessons learned from the series of classes – particularly the “To Your Credit” class – and used them to position ourselves to build a new home this year. We are now scheduled to close on our new place by May!

I must admit that I literally thought of Ms. Ross many times in preparing for our home purchase. I could “hear” her in my mind telling us about different things pertaining to credit scores, loans and timing – things I had not considered before I took her class. She was a poised and very effective speaker who obviously knew her subject matter. As a professional educator, myself, I appreciated her knowledge, her professionalism, and especially her candor.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the last class concerning insurance coverage, but I am hopeful the program will be offered again so I may take that class as a “make-up”. I have shared many of the lessons learned from the “People’s Choice” program with friends and family, including my new brother-in-law who is a Certified Financial Planner. I would highly encourage everyone who can attend this series and please feel free to share my recommendation with others.

Thank you very much for offering this program – it helped to change my life for the better.

Michelle S.
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