Master Wellness Volunteer Program

2024 Tarrant County Master Wellness Volunteer Training Class

The next MWV training class for potential Tarrant County Master Wellness Volunteers will be held late 2024. To be added to the interest list, please email Alaina Woolsey, County Extension Agent-Family & Community Health, at

You can give back to the community while you learn how to improve your own health! Volunteers receive 40 hours of education related to wellness, nutrition, childhood health, food safety, healthy food preparation, public speaking and much more. Trainings are a mix of group instruction and online learning. Cost of materials is $75 and due at registration. No refunds will be provided after the beginning of the class.

Research-based information in the areas of health and wellness is provided. In return, volunteers are asked to give 40 hours of volunteer service to their community through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. Following this first year, volunteers are asked to give 15 hours each year to maintain their certification.

The volunteer opportunities are diverse, and include giving presentations for local community groups, assisting with healthy cooking demonstrations, distributing information at health fairs, and working with schools and after school programs, and much more. Though programs may be offered on evenings and weekends, be advised that these are not a guarantee. Many of our partners maintain standard business hours, and many opportunities will be during this time.

Previous health or wellness training is not required, but an interest in living healthfully and helping others do the same is! Visit for more information on the program.

MWV General Policies
• Master Wellness Volunteer Interns (serving their first year before they are full-fledged MWVs) are required to obtain 40 educational hours. This can include planning time, travel, etc. but does NOT include training. MWV interns do not need any training hours.
• Master Wellness Volunteers (those who have already completed their 40 hours and are full-fledged MWVs) need 10 educational hours. This can include planning time, travel, etc. but does NOT include training. They also need five training hours.
• Failure to show up for an event (no-call/no-show) or failure to cancel within 48 hours of the event, may result in a loss of hours.
Only hours completed in Dallas County are eligible for Dallas County Master Wellness Volunteer credit. If interested in serving as a Master Wellness Volunteer in multiple counties, please follow these steps:

  • Complete your Intern year in your primary county (Tarrant).
  • Following your Intern year, contact Alaina Woolsey, CEA-FCH – Tarrant County, at and let her know you are interested in serving as a volunteer in an additional county.
  • Alaina Woolsey will contact the CEA in the county you are interested in for approval.
  • If approved, please note that you will need to complete all educational and training hour requirements in Dallas County, and will most likely to need meet all educational and training hour requirements in your new county as well.

For community partners…

Master Wellness Volunteers may be able to assist with your upcoming event! To inquire about the program, please contact Alaina Woolsey at

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