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Small Steps to Health and Wealth

Have you ever considered that health and  personal finance “issues” have similarities?  The fact is that both health and  financial problems start slow and get worse over time.  Let’s make lasting change one Small Step at a time.

Lesson 1 – Where Am I Now?  Where Do I Want to Be?:

Understand the link between health and financial choices/decisions

 Lesson 2 – Making the Decision-Take Control:  Learn to understand the differences of feeling and being in control can aid in how to better manage self-behavior; Improve plan to change or decide  to change.

 Lesson 3 – Taking the Path for Change:  Understand the importance of managing change in small increments;  Learn how to track both positive and negative changes to learn strategies to overcome barriers and obstacles to making the change.

 Lesson 4 – Making Change Measurable:  Become familiar with common measures related to physical health and financial health; Apply a strategy to improve one physical health benchmark; Apply a strategy to improve.

 Lesson 5 – Process of Change:  Identify small ways to change environment that will help progress;  Learn how to step down to change can step up progress.

 Lesson 6 – Value of Living the Goals:  Be familiar with the value  of automated plans to help them achieve their goals; Learn that making health and wealth changes require taking action that may be uncomfortable, different, challenging and involve some work.

With Small Steps –  Big Change will occur with Your  Health and Wealth

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