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Professional Development Opportunities

The Professional Development Opportunities : Community Leadership Program series focuses on leadership skills and knowledge as well as team building.  It is available as a whole program series, individual block workshops, or as single lessons for individualized training/educational experiences.  Details on topics addressed can be found by clicking on the “Professional Development Opportunities”  link found below. 

Professional Development Opportunities

It can be offered in both English and Spanish (depending on availability) given the need of the participant population.

For detailed information on the series lessons, program offerings, possible locations, criteria for participation, and individual training request, please contact our office. 

Tackling the Tough Skills 

This new curriculum focuses on five key elements that contribute to individual success. Through this interactive and educational experience addressing attitude, responsibility, communication, problem/solving * decision-making, and effective preparation for the workplace, participants seeking to make a significant personal change, prepare themselves for their future through the purposeful development of self. The educational experiences can be requested in individual modules or as a complete series.

For more information contact our office:
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