Thank you for your interest in Tarrant County 4-H! 

*COVID-19 Update: Many of our clubs were not able to meet during the 2020-2021 4-H year due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are slowly beginning to open back up to in-person club meetings and events, but please be patient with our parent volunteers who may be trying to rebuild their clubs.*

The 4-H year runs from September 1 – August 31 each year. Youth members and adult volunteers must re-enroll each year. Some clubs take a break and don’t meet during the summer months of June and July. This varies from club to club. The best time to join 4-H is in September to get the full 4-H experience, but youth are allowed to join year-round. 

The first step is to contact the club or clubs that you are interested in joining. The Club tab above has the clubs displayed on a map and the contact information can be seen by clicking on a group. Our club managers are volunteers and may take a day or two to respond to your e-mail. If you do not hear back from them, please contact our office for further assistance. Once you join 4-H club, you are allowed to participate in any 4-H activity in the county.  But you must be registered for all clubs whose meetings you will be attending. You are allowed to join multiple clubs and some clubs have limited membership.

In Tarrant County we have school clubs, community clubs, and special interest/project clubs. Some clubs focus on just one project and some offer a multitude of projects. It all depends what the volunteers in that club are able to lead. We rely on parent/adult volunteers to serve as Club Managers and Project Leaders. Projects can also be self-led by the member if they are interested in a particular project not currently offered, or we encourage them to start a group around that project. Check out our monthly newsletter on the Newsletter tab above to see what clubs are up to in the county.

Once you contact a club, please attend the next club meeting.  The manager and the parents in the group will be a great source of information.

After you contact a club, you will need to enroll all youth who will attend in 4-H Online.   

 4-H Online Membership System

Enrollment for 4-H is handled through the state database, 4-H Online. Once you create a family account and are enrolled, you will begin to receive weekly e-mail updates from us at the county office to keep you informed and up-to-date on all our exciting opportunities. 

The following links will guide you in using this database:

Renew Youth/Member

New Youth/Member

Renew Adult/Volunteer

New Adult/Volunteer

Other 4-H Online Instructions

Before you enter the database, please read all of the information on this page and make sure you are ready to register.

  • Please complete all profile information for every member. If you are renewing your membership, please confirm all information is correct.  Since profiles stay the same year after year, you will need to make sure changes in residence, emails or phone numbers are updated.
  • Make sure the grade level for members is correct. A member’s grade on September 1st determines their grade category for the whole year.
  • When you get to the Participation page, please add all clubs that your members will be active in or you will be volunteering with. If you are new to 4-H please, please reach out to the contact person at the club you wish to join and let them know you have registered.
  • Still on the Participation page, please add all projects that you or your members are interested in receiving information about through broadcast emails from the county.
  • All payments must now be made with a credit card.
  • Membership for the 4-H year is $25.00 fee if enrolled by October 31st and $30.00 fee from November 1st to the completion of the 4-H year.
  • Clover Kids are $10 per year (kindergartner through 2nd grade).
  • If you are registering as a volunteer, the cost is $10.  We encourage that one parent in each family become a volunteer.
  • If you are enrolling a youth for the first time and they are in 3rd grade, please wait until after September 1st.  Enrolling for the first time in August as a 3rd grader may result in the youth being a Clover kid for the year.

 Signing Up for Email Notifications

  • Broadcast emails from Tarrant County 4-H come from 4H Online – Tarrant County and the email address
  •  Please make sure that these emails are coming to your inbox and are not be sent to junk or spam folders.
  • It is very important that members and volunteers register for all projects that they are interested in receiving information about.  All broadcast emails are sent out through 4-H Online and many are targeted to particular interests based on what projects members and volunteers have registered for.  By doing this we will be able to share more opportunities that directly relate to your interests without flooding the whole community with emails.
  • Older members who have their own email accounts can receive some broadcast emails along with their parents if they enter their email address into their member profile in 4-H Online.  I would encourage parents to consider doing this as it will allow your youth to monitor their own activities.  When we send out non-project specific broadcast emails, we will include both families and members, so parents will still receive the same emails.
  • All broadcast emails will also be logged on this website under the Email Log located in the upper right corner.  This will allow families to explore current information on subject matters that they have not been receiving emails about.  The Email Log will also contain information from other counties and other organizations that are relevant to 4-H members but not so important as to require their own email.  These posts will be marked with a Did not send as opposed to the Sent that denotes emails that were emailed to at least a part of the 4-H membership.  Parents and members should make a habit of reviewing the Email Log on a weekly basis.




Please contact your club manager or county staff if you need any assistance with enrollment. The 4-H Connect website works better if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla.

Kate Marshall – County Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

Jordan Peldyak – County Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

Amanda Salinas – County Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development

Andrea Amador – Administrative Assistant, 4-H Youth Development Department

Phone: 817-884-1291

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