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Rain and mosquitoes

With all of the rain that we have received lately and more on the way, it’s understandable for people to be concerned about mosquitoes.  I’m not going to rehash everything here in this post, but I will direct you to past posts on mosquito topics. I do want to let people know of floodwater mosquitoes which are different from our normal culprits.  I usually get the statement of the “huge mosquito” or a “mosquito that REALLY hurts when it bites” or a “mosquito that tried to carry them… Read More →

Where do bugs go when it rains?

It’s raining! Wait. Let me repeat that. IT’S RAINING!!!! Since it’s a rainy day here in Central Texas, I decided to answer a question I often get when I speak to children about insects. Where do they go when it rains? If you want to know what they do when it gets cold, see this post. We all know that insects don’t carry around umbrellas to protect themselves from the rain, but should they? It often depends on the insect’s size and the heaviness of the rainfall. Obviously,… Read More →