Water for Texans Database

The Water for Texans Database is an interactive, web-accessible Access database. This database houses the following categories of data on the 48 watershed catchment demonstration plots located in 15 counties. The vegetation, ground cover and canopy cover data was obtained by surveying characteristics along a line transect set from the top left corner of the plot to the bottom right corner of the plot. Vegetation surveys usually occur during May and October of each year. At every one foot interval on the right side of the transect line type, the type of ground cover i.e., bare ground, litter, rock, or grass crown was determined and recorded. The closest rooted plant on the right hand side of the tape is identified and recorded to determine frequency of plant species encountered. Depending upon the size of the plot this generated from 43 to 107 points. The canopy cover along the tape was also measured by recording the beginning and ending canopy cover over the tape by individual woody plant species.

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  • Vegetation
  • Ground Cover
  • Canopy Cover
  • Rainfall
  • Runoff
  • Runoff – Weir Data

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