Water for Texans


River bedSixty percent of the land surface in Texas is rangeland. Rangeland resources are the basis for many of the State’s livestock, mineral, and outdoor recreation industries and also provides habitat for large numbers of wildlife species. Rangelands also comprise most of the State’s watersheds, since Texas rangelands are the primary water source of the State’s major rechargeable aquifers and provide more than 60% of the surface flow to rivers.

“Water for Texans” is a comprehensive range watershed management program conducted by the Rangeland Ecology and Management Unit. One component of the program is the use of paired watershed result demonstrations, following the EPA’s “Paired Watershed Study Design” protocol. The objectives of these demonstrations are to identify the amount of runoff and sediment production under current management and following implementation of the BMPs.

This section provides basic information regarding studies of watershed management on Texas rangelands. This information can be used to analyze and make general assumptions of characteristics in watershed management that can be used for planning purposes as well as risk analysis.

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