Total Resource Management Protocol

Total Resource Management is understanding the relationships among all of the resources, activities, and external influences; evaluating the impact of each decision; planning, organizing, implementing and controlling all activities to best accomplish goals and objectives; and accurately forecasting and maintaining flexibility to change quickly to optimize the outcome and reduce risk. You cannot operate on the average. You must be exceptional at some aspect to survive. The sustainability of renewable natural resources, by both individuals and the community, requires putting it all together as best possible and improving with experience.

The person who continually strives to understand and monitor the resources, products sold, and financial status while looking for new ways to improve management and profit, has a better chance to succeed. No business is guaranteed to succeed in our competitive environment. It’s up to you. The best technologies and advice may provide temporary relief, but only the manager / owner determines the future of their resources. Loss of resources and thus sustainability of ones land is a direct reflection on management, not the weather, markets, etc.

Organization Structure

Develop the Plan

Steps to Develop a Strategic Plan

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