Strategic Planning for Success

Good management is the effective use of resources to accomplish the most important objective in your ranch business. Strategic planning is the process of determining the direction your enterprise will take. The planning process is not a prediction of the future. Decisions can not be made for the future, only for the present. The reason to plan is to avoid having to manage from crisis to crisis, as so often happens in agricultural enterprises. Strategic planning is a method of establishing and maintaining a sense of direction so that you can work consistently toward predefined goals.

Planning begins with setting goals. The goals you set for your enterprise will be subjective. Only you can determine what they will be. You will achieve your goals by taking appropriate actions, so the plan you devise should result in some action.

The planning process helps you make the decisions that are most likely to have favorable consequences in the present and in the future. For the natural resource manager, these decisions often have to do with prioritizing the use of limited resources.Remember that your goals will be subjective. They are based on your specific desires, your tolerance for risk, and the length of time you are willing to wait to achieve those goals.

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The strategic planning process helps the manager answer these questions: Where am I going? What is the environment? How do I get to my destination?

A manager who can answer these questions is likely to be successful in sustaining natural resources and maintaining the financial stability of his or her enterprise.

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