Rainfall Analysis

The Rainfall Analysis software program provides a simple tool for natural resource managers to use in tracking rainfall information for their land. The program provides for analysis of long-term data to evaluate rainfall variables allowing for planning and risk analysis based upon this vital resource. With this program. you can perform the following analyses:

a). Comparison of current and long-term rainfall
b). Percentage comparison of current and long-term rainfall
c). Frequency of higher annual rainfall
d). Frequency of higher monthly rainfall
e). Annual rainfall trend analysis
f). Periods comparison
g). Sliding window comparison

When you click the following link you will be leaving this website and entering the Rainfall Analysis Program. Once you enter the Rainfall Analysis software, the first page has a link to the instructions manual. Please review this manual for instructions on the use of this software.

Rainfall Analysis Software v2.0
Larry D. White
Ecosystem Science and Management
Texas A&M University

Enter the Rainfall Analysis Program

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Software Manual | Download the software.

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