Texas A&M AgriLife

The Land-Grant Legacy in the Lone Star State

Food and fiber production has been revolutionized over the past 150 years, with the U.S. land-grant colleges and universities leading the way. The Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and four state agricultural agencies, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, the Texas A&M Forest Service, and the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory — all members of The Texas A&M University System — have joined the other land-grant institutions throughout the United States to improve the production, processing, and distribution of food and fiber and meet the needs of a rapidly growing state and nation.

The book's cover imageTo celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Morrill Land-Grant College Act of 1862, Texas A&M AgriLife has published The Land Grant Legacy in the Lone Star State. This visual history project began as part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Centennial Celebration and quickly grew to encompass all parts of Texas’s great land-grant system and legacy.

The work of Texas A&M AgriLife is geared to the maintenance of a healthy, peaceful, and productive society. The book highlights the evolution of AgriLife including how:

  • AgriLife programs have revolutionized cotton harvesting, improved irrigation systems, increased rice and other grain yields, and harnessed biomass for fuel.
  • AgriLife teaching and training have markedly enhanced the body of knowledge available to agriculture and the life sciences and have greatly increased leadership and education in these fields.

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graphic for dates 1862-1885

The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas: Sowing the Seeds

graphic for dates 1886-1895

Texas A&M and Agricultural Research

graphic for dates 1896-1905

Show Me How: The Demonstration Concept and the Birth of Cooperative Extension

graphic for dates 1906-1915

Growing with Texas in a New Century

graphic for dates 1916-1925

To Better Serve the People

graphic for dates 1926-1935

Building the Agriculture Community

graphic for 1936-1945

Texas Farmers Fight: Depression and War

graphic for dates 1946-1955

A New Vision: Teaching, Research, and Extension Reunited

graphic for dates 1956-1965

New Dimensions in Agriculture and Life Sciences

graphic for dates 1966-1975

Scientific Agriculture

graphic for dates 1976-1985

Texas Home and Garden — and Greater Strides in Research

graphic for dates 1986-1995

Helping Texas Grow toward New Frontiers

graphic for dates 1996-2005

A Fresh Focus on Health and the Environment

graphics for dates 2006-2013

The Land-Grant College Heritage — and Future