The Wild Boar Conservation Association

PATRICK MYERS, WBCA, 14300 Chef Menteur Highway,
New Orleans, Louisiana 70129-2013

The Wild Boar Conservation Association was organized in July 1985 at a meeting in Mobile, Alabama. The association is a dedicated group of hog hunters that want the Wild Boar to receive the credit he deserves as an outstanding game animal.

The members want the hog hunters of America to organize in such a way as to help the Wild Boar survive where he is newly released and where he now roams for the purpose of hunting. We are opposed to hog hunters that show no respect for the hog and hunt with the bull dogs loose or too many dogs loose that kill pigs, maim sows and shoats and eventually get their dogs cut to pieces by a tough old boar. We take pride in our dogs and respect the Wild Boar as the greatest large game animal in North America.

Hog hunters are a rare breed who depend on their dogs, sometimes to save them from serious injury, more so than any other hunter who hunts with dogs. He depends on dogs to locate, bay and catch the most dangerous animal in the woods.

Some of our objectives are as follows:

  • Establish county or state chapters of hog hunters.
  • Establish breeding programs of European Wild Boar for stocking and re-stocking with the assistance of W. B. C. A. members.
  • Establish relationships with hog hunters in other states to share hunts and broaden our knowledge in order to improve our hunting and hog quality.
  • Establish a gene pool on hog dogs so you may acquire the kind of dog best suited for your geographical area.
  • Establish an annual gathering hosting hog dog trials for evaluation of dogs.
  • Establish hunting guidelines for new and old hunters that ensure humane treatment of hogs and dogs.
  • Encourage all hunters to respect the Wild Boar and inform them that the Wild Boar has a place in the woods too.
  • Establish a fund to initiate and complete biological studies on Wild Boar and their impact upon trees, environment and other animals for the purpose of increasing their number and places to hunt them.

The slogan of the WBCA is “Sportsmen Dedicated to the Conservation, Preservation & Perpetuation of the Wild Boar”.