The Texas Deer Lease

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The Texas Deer Lease
Judon Fambrough

This 12-page booklet covers everything hunters and landowners need to know about entering a Texas hunting lease agreement. Updated in 1998 with the latest laws related to landowner liability, “The Texas Deer Lease” includes a sample release-of-liability form.

Among the booklet topics are: duration of the lease term, description of and access to the lease tract and game to hunt. The booklet also covers hunting weapons, methods, numbers of hunters and guests, harvesting surplus does and the lease price.

Payment schedules, use of facilities, clearing senderos and improving premises are described as well. Other issues to be considered in the lease include: vehicular travel, blinds, game feeders, handling harvested game, gates, keys, inspection rights, camp safety and transferability of lease rights.

Written by Judon Fambrough, an attorney and senior lecturer with the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, “The Texas Deer Lease” also includes information on landowner hunting rights, renewals, game law compliance, record keeping, cooperation with surface users, filing lease of record, non-hunting uses, resolving disputes, the “no trespass” notice and the landowner’s liability to hunters.

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SP- 95
Texas Range Management Handbook
Larry White, J. F. Cadenhead and Barron Rector
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The looseleaf handbook contains over 93 topics divided into twelve sections: Watershed Management, Plant Identification. Rangeland Inventory and Monitoring, Stocking Rate Decisions, Drought Management, Noxious Range Plants, Brush and Weed Control, Prescribed Burning, Seeding, Rangeland, Wildlife Management, Miscellaneous, and other resources.

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Toxic Plant Handbook – Integrated Management Strategies for West Texas
Charles R. Hart, Bruce B. Carpenter, Allan McGinty

Toxic Plant Handbook: Integrated Management Strategies for West Texas describes and illustrates the 52 most common potentially toxic plants in West Texas. Along with one or more color photos of each plant, the handbook includes poisoning symptoms in cattle, horses, sheep and/or goats, toxic chemicals and dosages, suggested treatments for poisoned animals and management strategies for plant infestations. Also included are a glossary, an index, an overview of integrated toxic plant management, descriptions of animal conditions and a field key that cross-references animal symptoms with plant species.
(130 pp., 126 color photos, 1 field key)

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