Coping with Coyotes

AgriLife Extension
The Texas A&M University System

The printing of this publication was made possible by a grant from the Texas Sheep and Goat Commodity Board, whose mission is to finance programs to protect sheep and goats, fund research, and develop educational programs within the 111-county Referendum Area.
The author extends his appreciation to the following individuals for their assistance in the preparation and review of this publication: Dr. Guy Connolly, Dr. Dale Wade, Dr. Fred Guthery, Dr. James Browns, Gary Nunley, Murray Walton, Dr. Jack Payne, Roy McBride, Dr.Maurice Shelton, Allen Turner and Dr. Milo Shult, Dr. Connolly of USDA-APHIS Denver Wildlife Research Center graciously shared several photographs used herein.

Management Alternatives for Minimizing Livestock Losses(B-1664)