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Big Data on the Farm (Part III): Non-Disclosure Agreements

This is the final post in our three-part series based on a paper co-authored by myself and Shannon Ferrell of Oklahoma State University. As you can tell from our last blog post in this series, there is not a legal framework specifically suited for the protection of agricultural data.  Trade secret comes closest, and if indeed a farmer can prove their data is protectable information (with the burden of such proof resting on the farmer), no written agreement between parties is needed for trade secret law to apply.  However,… Read More →

Big Data on the Farm (Part II): What Laws Might Protect It?

Today we continue in our Big Data on the Farm Series by looking at what laws may apply to protect farmers’ data.  As I mentioned in Part I, this three-part blog series comes from a paper co-authored by myself and Shannon Ferrell at Oklahoma State University. When the topic of big data is brought up, many farmers’ first reaction is to ask how they can protect their information from others?  An adequate legal analysis of this question must necessarily start with determining who actually owns the data in… Read More →

Big Data on the Farm (Part I): What Is It?

Big data.  These words have been swirling around coffee shops, field days, and agricultural press over the last couple of years.  Recently, Shannon Ferrell and I wrote a paper discussing big data and drone use in agriculture.  Because this is such an important topic, I thought I would do a three-part series on this issue in the coming weeks.  Today, we will kick things off with the introductory question:  What is big data? Definition One recent Forbes article addressed this issue and explained the confusion surrounding the term.  The… Read More →

Published Materials

Online Courses *Online courses are available anytime.  Once registered, participants can access the course at anytime and watch at their convenience.  They may also re-watch any portions desired.* Online Ranchers Leasing Workshop  (April 2020)   Handbooks *To purchase a hard copy of any of our handbooks, contact Lacrecia at 806-677-5600.* Eminent Domain in Texas: A Landowner’s Guide (March 2020) Owing Your Piece of Texas – Key Laws Texas Landowners Need to Know (May 2019) Five Strands: A Landowner’s Guide to fence Law in Texas (February 2017) (co-authored with Jim… Read More →

June 17, 2016 Weekly Round Up

It’s been a hot one around here this week!  Hope you all have a safe, cool weekend.  Here are some of the agricultural law stories in the news this week. * Texas Lawmaker Asks for Decision in Eminent Domain Authority for High Speed Rail.  State Representative Byron Cook is seeking an opinion from the Texas Attorney General as to whether Texas Central Partners, a private company planning a high speed train project from Dallas to Houston has eminent domain power for this endeavor.  In 2015, a Senate bill… Read More →

June 10, 2016 Weekly Round Up

We have several new blog readers this week thanks to several presentations I’ve given recently.  Two weeks ago, I was in Lubbock for the 10th Annual State Bar of Texas John Huffaker Agricultural Law Course.  In my book, this is absolute must-attend for any agricultural law attorneys!  Kudos to course directors David Waggoner and Trace Blair for all of their hard work.  Last week, I traveled to Stillwater, Oklahoma and Ft. Worth, Texas for our Ranchers’ Leasing Workshops, funded by the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center.  We… Read More →

February 26, 2016 Weekly Round Up

Hello and welcome to the last Friday in February!  Earlier this week, I was in College Station speaking along with my friend and colleague, Shannon Ferrell, at a program called Petroleum Production on Agricultural Lands in Texas:  Managing Risks and Opportunities.  We had a great turn out and want to welcome those of you joining us from that presentation!  Now, on to the agricultural law news of the week, much of which is water related today. * Breakdown of the Bragg verdict.  As you read earlier this week, a… Read More →

February 12, 2016 Weekly Round Up

I kicked off the week at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association meetings in San Antonio.  Fellow ag lawyers Paul Goeringer, Ashley Ellixon, and I presented on undercover videos and private property rights at the meeting.  We enjoyed some great discussion from attendees about a variety of issues facing agriculture! * Big Data: Big Potential, Big Problems.  Big data has been a hot topic of conversation in agriculture for the last couple of years.  [Read prior Big Data blog series here.]  As we see more and more data collection… Read More →

December 11, 2015 Weekly Round Up

We have reached another Friday!  This week I was on the road to speak at the Swisher County Ag Day on the top legal developments in 2015.  Thanks to John Vialba and Glenda Gibson for all their hard work to put on a great event and for inviting me to participate.  For those of you interested in that topic, stay tuned next week for a blog recapping the year in ag law!  To those of you joining the blog from the Swisher County Ag Day, welcome! Here are… Read More →

Free Ag Law Resources: Ag Law Blogs

I’m going to start a new multi-part series that will last throughout the year highlighting free, useful agricultural law resources on a variety of different topics.  We will kick things off with my favorite agricultural law blogs. There are several great ag law blogs that offer excellent information about various ag law issues.  Because several new ag law blogs  have started in the last year or so, I thought it might be useful to provide a list of my favorites.  As you will see, these blogs are from attorneys… Read More →