2016 Award Recipients

2016 Distinguished Service Award


Name District County
Jay Kingston 3 Kent County
Cary Sims 5 Angelina County
Scott Anderson 7 Brown County
Julie Massey 9 Galveston County
Stephen Zoeller 10 Kendall County


2016 Achievement Award


Name District County
John Villalba 2 Swisher County
Cody Maxwell 4 Fannin County
Caleb Eaton 6 Ward County
Michael W. Potter 9 Montgomery County
Scott Wiley 11 Fayette County

2016 Early Agent Award


Name District County
Tanner Young 1 Briscoe County
Vikram Baliga 2 Lubbock County
Robert Ferguson 2 Mitchell County
Seth Hall 3 Wilbarger County
Charlie Martin 3 Jack County
Brian Whatley 3 Jack County
Doug Weir 5 Marion County
Ashley Pellerin 5 Smith County
Amanda Necessary 6 Andrews County
Lisa Brown 7 Menard County
Megan Parr 8 Ellis County
Paul Winski 9 Harris County
John Grange 9 Burleson County
Julie Zimmerman 10 Caldwell County
Bobby McCool 11 San Patricio County
Shelly Elfelt 12 La Salle County

2016 Extension Specialist of Year Award


Name Position
State Recipient: Tiffany Dowell Lashmet Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist – Agriculture Law
District 8 Recipient: Dr. Jason Johnson Assistant Professor and Extension Economist

2016 Man of Year Award


Name District
Jodie Stockett 1
Joe Tom White 3
Ken Hale 5
Dr. Kim Alexander 7
Chris Duewall 8
Jack Taylor 9
William Ordner 11

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