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Grass Carp

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County Grass Carp Landowners with farm ponds look at various options to control weeds in the pond. Grass carp may offer biological control of some unwanted aquatic vegetation. Grass carp may be a good option for some, but stocking grass carp requires a permit application process. Vegetation in a pond can be important in maintaining good fish communities. Vegetation can also provide food for other wildlife species. If we have too much growth of certain aquatic plants,… Read More →


Nine-banded Armadillo doing dinner in the Live Oak community surrounding Welder Wildlife Complex by Anna Livia   Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County   Armadillos Have you noticed digging in your lawn, garden or flower beds?  You could have armadillos rooting around looking for food.  Proper identification of the animal causing the damage to your lawn or garden can help you decide what to go to mitigate the damage. Armadillos weigh between 8 to 17 pounds and can be around 30… Read More →

Food Plots for White-Tailed Deer

Ag Biz News Column By:  Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Food Plots for White-tailed Deer   As we approach the fall of the year, many landowners begin preparation of planting food plots for the wildlife on their property.  Planting a food plot over the years has been one of the most widely used wildlife habitat improvement techniques.  Food plots increase viewing of wildlife as well as to increase nutritional quality and quantity of available forage for wildlife. One of the first things a landowner should… Read More →

Wildlife Damage Control

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Wildlife Damage Control Wildlife may be enjoyable to watch around our property for most people.  Wildlife can cause damage to agriculture, urban areas and natural resources.  It is when wildlife are causing economic damage that control may be warranted.  Texas is a large and diverse state, and that applies equally to the animals that live here. Texas is home to more species of birds and reptiles than any other state, and second only to California in… Read More →