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Texas Watershed Stewardship Program

TWS factsheet_6 TylerAnnouncementHQ (3) Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County   Texas Watershed Steward   Water is essential for life.  All living things need water to survive.  Over 70% of the Earth is made up of water.  According to the Texas Water Resources Institute, the oceans make up 97% of the earth’s water in the form of saltwater.  The remaining 3% is in the form of fresh water.  Of this 3%, less than one percentage of the earth’s water is water either… Read More →

Texas Watershed Steward Program

TylerAnnouncementHQ  A program for an upcoming Texas Watershed Steward Program, February 17, 2014.  Please click on the flyer for more details.

Texas Farm Pond Management Calendar

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County The Farm Pond Management Calendar Farm ponds offer landowners opportunity for recreation with family, a supply of farm raised fish, and a water supply for livestock.  There are several things landowners can do throughout the year to manage their farm pond.  Water quality is important when it comes to fish production. In farm ponds, pH and alkalinity are two things that need some attention before stocking begins.  A water analysis on the farm pond can be… Read More →

Take the EarthKind Challenge!

Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent –Ag/NR Smith County   Have you taken the Earth-Kind® Challenge?             Earth-Kind landscaping uses research-proven techniques to provide maximum garden and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting the environment. The objective of Earth-Kind landscaping is to combine the best of organic and traditional gardening and landscaping principles to create a horticultural system based on real world effectiveness and environmental responsibility.  Individuals using Earth-Kind landscaping principles and practices can create beautiful, easy-care landscapes, while conserving and protecting natural resources and… Read More →

Summer Water Usage

Ag Biz News Column By: Chad Gulley County Extension Agent–Ag/NR Smith County Summer Water Usage for the Landscape Water is a limited resource in Texas and it becomes more limited as the population grows.  Water demand in Texas is projected to increase by 22 percent between 2010 and 2060.  As a result, protecting water resources and utilizing water-conservation practices will be essential to sustain the state’s water supply-and-demand balance. Watering the home lawn properly can improve grass quality yet still conserve water for future generations.  Many times, home… Read More →