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2013 East Texas Turfgrass Conference

13turfgrass 2013 East Texas Turfgrass Conference Click on the file 13turfgrass above to access the 2013 flyer and information on this annual conference. 5 CEU’s

Winterizing the Home Lawn

( Ag News Column By:  Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Winterizing the Home Lawn Many homeowners work hard to maintain and manage their lawns to add aesthetic value to their property.  A well-kept lawn adds to the satisfaction of their property.  Lawn maintenance, for some, can be a year round project.  There are several things the home owner can do to prepare their lawns for winter. First, raise your mower height to a higher level to reduce stress on grasses as they enter the dormant… Read More →

Soil Sampling Campaign

  Ag Biz News Column Chad Gulley County Extension Agent—Ag/NR Smith County   Soil Testing Campaign Underway  Soil is basic to all agricultural ventures including the home lawn, farming, raising livestock, and the home garden.  Knowing what your soil condition is in can help save you money while provide adequate nutrients at the correct amounts to our plants.  Soil types vary around East Texas with many soils being acidic.  The only true way to determine your soil condition is to perform a soil test. A soil test typically… Read More →

Irrigation for Home Lawns

  Ag Biz News Column By: Chad Gulley County Extension Agent–Ag/NR Smith County Irrigation for the Home Lawn                 Water is a limited resource in Texas and it becomes more limited as the population grows.  Watering the home lawn properly can improve grass quality yet still conserve water for future generations.  Many times, home lawns are over-watered and over-watering can harm lawn quality more than under-watering. Several factors need to be considered when staring a home lawn water program.  Soil type, grass variety, management practices, and environmental conditions… Read More →

Chinch Bugs in the Home Lawn

Photo by Keith Hansen, CEA–Horticulture Ag Biz News Column By: Chad Gulley County Extension Agent–Ag/NR Smith County Chinch Bugs in Home Lawns Is your St. Augustine lawn turning yellow lately?  You might check your lawn for chinch bugs.  Expanding, irregular patches of dead or stunted grass surrounded by a halo of yellowing, dying grass often provides the first clues of the presence of chinch bugs. Chinch bug damage usually occurs in sunny locations during hot, dry weather.  Chinch bug damage can sometimes be confused with certain lawn diseases… Read More →