Toward Sustainable Production of Animal Protein

Welcome to the virtual home of USDA Multistate Research Committee S-1032!


Thanks to all who joined us either in person or remotely for our meeting in Raleigh, NC.

Special thanks also to our NCSU hosts:  John Classen, Ed Kick, Francesco Tiezzi, Shannon Banner, and Maria Balcazar.

And thanks also to Luis Rodriguez for his active, engaged leadership as our Chair over the past year, as well as his previous service as Vice Chair (2014-15) and Secretary (2013-14).


MEMBERS:  If you have an idea for a webinar topic that furthers our mission, please contact an officer ASAP to discuss!

Refinement of our Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) – originating at our 2013 meeting in Washington, D. C., with the Systems Thinking Collaborative – is now well underway.  For Vensim models and submodels as they emerge, see this page.

What is a USDA Multistate Research Committee, anyway?  Here’s the answer.

Here’s our new 2013-2018 Charter, approved in October 2013 by NIFA.

If you would like to be one of your state’s designated members of S-1032, you should submit an Appendix E form to your Experiment Station Director.  Then let us know (e-mail: when your Director officially approves your membership so we can list you on our roster and include you in events, communications, and activities.

NIFA also maintains a bare-bones web site on our project for the Agency’s federal reporting requirements and other administrivia.  Some of the information you may be seeking, such as the official roster, may be found there.

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